Filing General Mobile Radio Service License Applications

Updated 03/31/2006

Most of the information on this page no longer applies since the FCC now has their web-based application system online. It seems to work a LOT better and reliably than the old system!

Good news for those of you that have had trouble with the FCC's Universal Licensing System pages!

I recently attended a syposium on ULS to update my licensing skills for my "real" job. The FCC representative that was there indicated they were working on improvements to the ULS site, and they expect the ULS site to be entirely HTML based about mid-year. (doesn't appear to have happened yet as of September!)

That means no more problems with java compatibility, downloading updated modules, etc. They have already converted over the Antenna Structure Registration System, and it looks great. So, if you are having trouble getting through the ULS pages to get a license and can afford to wait, it may be worth it.

Of course, who knows how well they will keep with the timetable, but they did meet their goal with the ASR database.

Filing with the FCC can be done electronically. Paper applications can also be filed, but they take considerably longer to process. See the links at the bottom of this page for more information. If you have problems see the help section at the bottom of the page.

    One you have met the above criteria, here is how to file:
  1. Log on to the FCC's web wireless communications bureau site at:
  2. Once at the Universal Licensing main page, you have several options. If you have not registered your FRN (FCC Registration Number) in CORES, you must do this first. If you have already registered your FRN, Skip to step 12.
  3. Select REGISTER CORES/CALL SIGN from the menu at the top of the page.
  4. Select REGISTER NOW, then click CONTINUE
  5. Select INDIVIDUAL in the next form, then click CONTINUE
  6. You will be presented with a form to fill out. Fill in the name and SSN, you should leave "Doing Business As" blank. Click Continue.
  7. Your contact information should be the same as your address information in most cases. Walk through the next forms and complete them as required.
  8. You will be presented with a password entry form and reminder phrase.MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTE OF YOUR PASSWORD, you will probably need it in the future.
  9. Return to the FCC's Universal Licensing System page at:
  10. Select ONLINE FILING from the menu at the top of the screen
  11. Fill in your FRN and Password, then click CONTINUE
  12. Select NEW from the pulldown menu, then click CONTINUE
  13. Leave AUCTION ID blank, pull down the RADIO SERVICE list, and find ZA - General Mobile Radio Service. It should be the last item on the list. Click NEXT when done.
  14. In the next form, several fields are already filled out. Of the ones you can change, make sure Item 3 is set to "N", and leave Item 6 blank. Unless there is reason for you not to, for Items 7, 8 , 22, and 23 select "NO" Then click "NEXT PAGE"
  15. Select "INDIVIDUAL" from the pull down list at the top. Verify and correct any incorrect information in other fields, then click "NEXT PAGE" .
  16. Read the certification statements, and print the page if you wish. If you agree to the certification statements then fill in your name under Party Authorized to Sign for Applicant. No title is needed. BE AWARE THAT BY FILLING IN YOUR NAME ON THIS PAGE, YOU ARE SUBMITTING THE ELECTRONIC EQUIVALENT OF A LEGAL SIGNATURE.
  17. Once you are done reading and filling, and agree to the statements, click "SUBMIT"
  18. Make note of your file number, or print the following page.
  19. Now it's time to pay. GMRS licenses require a $75 fee for a 5 year license. (new fee effective 10 September 2001) There are several options for payment. Credit card is BY FAR the easiest and fastest. If you wish to send a check or other mailable form of payment, write down the address on the page, then click on the FORM 159 button. Fill your name in the Certification statement and print the form 159 following the instructions on the page. MAILED PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF YOUR FILING OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE DISMISSED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-FILE.
  20. If you wish to pay online by credit card, Click the Form 159 button, fill in the certification statement with your name, then click PAY ONLINE NOW.
  21. Select "YES PAY BY CREDIT CARD".
  22. Select card type, then fill in your credit card's number and expiration date. Then click "SUBMIT DATA"
  23. Once the transaction is complete, write down or print your remittance ID Number and Authorization number.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You should recieve your license in the mail within a week or two. If you did not use credit card payment, it may take longer to process your application.